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Stream Generator

Steam Generator

Steam Generator

A Stream bath can moisturize and deeply clean the skin. It relaxes overworked, tight muscles and reduces aches and pains in joints. A personal stream bath will improve the quality of your life. 


  1. Quiet operation
  2. Efficient installation
  3. Stainless steel tank construction
  4. Easily removable heating elements for easy and economical services
  5. Control box with PCB and wireless (IFR ray) remote controller
  6. Sensitive temperature sensor and polished chrome steam head
  7. Standard manual drain or optional automatic drain



Model KW Volt Max. m3
AH03 3.0 220/380V 1.5-2.5
AH04 4.5 220/380V 2.5-4
AH06 6.0 220/380V 4-6
AH07 7.5 220/380V 6-8
AH09 9.0 220/380V 8-10
AH10 10.5 220/380V 10-12
AH12 12.0 220/380V 12-14